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Interview Questions

Job hunting is always a tough undertaking. Many people normally send so many job applications to many companies in a bid to secure a good job.
Some companies may respond to your job application while others may not give any response.

However, if you are lucky, you will be shortlisted among the candidates that are eligible for an interview. Many people normally fear interviews because they do not know how to answer some of the questions that the employer will ask them. Remember that if you pass the interview, you will have an upper hand in comparison to other candidates.


This is the reason you should know why do you want to work here interview question and answer.

Remember that the hiring manager is looking for someone who will fit in the company and enjoy working there. The following are some of the reasons you would like to in a company:

1. Admiration of company’s products and services.

If you happen to like the products and services that a certain company offers, you will definitely admire working in that company

However,if you dislike the products and services that are offered by that company, you will not be motivated to work in that company.

This is one of those reasons you wish to work for that company.

2. Company’s general reputation.interview-1077974_1920

People always like to associate themselves with a company that has a good reputation. If that company has a good reputation, you will definitely be motivated to work in that company.

You will always be proud of mentioning the company that you work for to your friends. In addition, working for a reputable company normally gives someone status and some sense of prestige.

3. Company’s growth and success.

If you are interested in seeing the company grow, you will definitely be motivated to work for that company.

This can actually be a motivating factor. When the company grows, you will also grow as well. You are likely to be promoted and so on.

In addition, you will be assured that you will have job security because you will not be fearing that the company will be insolvent anytime soon.

4. Admiration of the company’s initiatives.

Some of the company’s initiatives include: community involvement, training program and so on.job-interview-437026_1920

This can give you the assurance that the company normally values its employees and that it is interested in seeing its employees grow career-wise

In addition, this is also an indicator that the company values the society in which it operates. This will definitely motivate you to work in that company.

Those are some of that answers you can give to that interview question. Do not panic during the interview. Be composed and have all the confidence needed.

This will show the hiring manager that you are certain about your statements. This is the reason you should know why do you want to work here interview question and answer.
The recruiting officer will be glad to hear you mention the above mentioned