How Much Weight Can You Lose on a Gluten Free Diet?


By now, it wouldn’t be a shocker if a one year old kid knew what gluten is given that it is one prime topic of controversy in the dieting world.

Not to sound like a broken record but gluten is a mixture of proteins that is present in foods such as rye, wheat, oats, barley, etc.

Being a topic of such controversy with many questions arising on whether or not a gluten free diet will be a game changer when it comes to weight loss, it can be difficult to know where you stand at. However it is about time the air cleared on this particular matter.

So, how much weight can you lose on a gluten free diet?nachos-1074597_1920

As you well know it is a daunting task to cut on gluten since many foods under the sun have it in varying percentages.

This is primarily because it binds food altogether giving it that characteristic chewy texture. Additionally it makes dough rise.

However comparing gluten-filled products to those that are gluten free the former, as laid down evidence clearly testifies, have a lot of other essential components that are considered of immense nutritional value to the body. the latter, gluten free foods, are not only deficient in essential nutrients, riddled with a higher GI but they also have been found to contain added sugars and fats to make the mixture a whole lot more palatable. Consequently with time those people who result to gluten free diets end up gaining weight rather than cutting it as initially planned.

Rather than cutting on gluten-free products, which are unhealthy and riddled with a greater calorie count you could opt to control your calorie intake because that is the major problem not that it is the intake of the gluten.

People who have gluten-intolerance should be the ones restricted from the intake of gluten products given they are susceptible to coeliac disease; a disease that affects the villi in the small intestines causing them to flatten and inflame chronically.

Unfortunately this misunderstood reasoning sees many people with no gluten-intolerance result in the intake of gluten food substitutes.

peanut-butter-1164861_1920Gluten free or not?

Conclusively, it is pointless to result to gluten free products with the aim of weight loss in your mind.

It is difficult as it is to avoid gluten due to its presence in many foods and if you were to avoid it then you would lead a lifestyle that is deficient in the many and basically crucial nutrients that the body requires. Thus if your focus is on weight loss then your primary aim is to focus on the amounts and size portions you intake.

This means you check your proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. and how you consume them.

If however you are convinced of going gluten free then you should skip all the gluten substitutes such as packaged foods and have a wide variety to go over to replace nutrients you are not otherwise getting.

Instead of asking yourself how much weight you can lose on a gluten free diet?
Be smart and mindful.