The Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway


You can always use the Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway when looking for an elegant surface to play this great game on. The site has some of the greatest table tennis surfaces to play. his is an excellent surface that is available from Butterfly, the official table provider of three of the most recent World Table Tennis Championships events. This is not only an appealing-looking table but also one that is easy to adjust.


Work With Adjustable Feet

The playing surface on the Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway table is at a standard level to ensure that you will get the best playing surface hghghgfdddfpossible. However, it is important to make sure that you have a right level set up for the surface. You can use the adjustable feet on the surface to get an even space to play with.

The adjustable feet use a series of markers to help you see how you are moving the table up and down. This ensures that you will have a good arrangement to work with as it will not be uneven.

Wheels Work Well

You can use the wheels on the bottom of the table to help you move the table around. Each wheel can be securely locked to see that the table will not shift around the floor during a match. Of course, the table is a little more than 300 pounds in weight so it will be important to see that the wheels are locked properly before you get this ready for any match.

Legs Work Inward

The legs on this table will be inward well enough to ensure that more people can play table tennis. This is especially critical for wheelchair table tennis players. The legs are about 400mm inward, thus ensuring that it meets ITTC standards for wheelchair table tennis events.

A Sensible Color

hghghgghThis all comes with a blue color with white lines all around. The blue tone is perfect as it is not only used in regulation table tennis matches but it is also easy to use when distinguishing the ball from the rest of the surface. The blue color goes rather well with most items that you might use in a room.

A PVC band is also used on the sides of the table to create a smooth surface. It will not scratch or snag at anyone who might bump into it. A two-inch steel rim is also included on the sides.

You can use the Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway table quite well when looking for a surface to play table tennis on. This is not only a regulation table but also one that is easy to adjust.